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Amazon Publishing Hub has professional ghostwriting experts to provide ghostwriting services. We, as a ghostwriting company, cater to all genre books for authors who want to go for self-publishing as well as traditional publishing routes.

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Detailed Consultation

Amazon Publishing Hub offers a personalized consultation with the author to understand their book idea, concept & vision. We offer tailored ghostwriting plans that align with the book idea, genre & author’s goals.

Questionnaire & Interview

To determine the scope of the project and gather all insights for the book idea, we will provide authors with a questionnaire and conduct interviews to collect information in a more conversational manner.

Professional Ghostwriting

Amazon Publishing Hub provides professional ghostwriting services from experienced and skilled writers. Our genre-specialized ghostwriter will work closely with the author to develop an outline and create a high-quality manuscript that reflects the author’s voice, style, and tone.

Timely Delivery

Our team ensures that the manuscript is delivered on time, as per the agreed-upon schedule. Our genre-specialized team works efficiently to complete the project within the given timeframe without compromising on quality.

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Unlimited Revisions

Amazon Publishing Hub offers unlimited revisions during the writing & editing process of the manuscript. Our process is designed to ensure that the author is satisfied with the final product. The ghostwriting panel will work with the author to make any necessary changes or revisions until the author is completely happy with the manuscript.


At Amazon Publishing Hub, our team maintains complete confidentiality of the author’s identity and the content of the manuscript. Our project consultant signs a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to ensure that the author’s intellectual property is protected.

Affordable Pricing

Amazon Publishing Hub mostly work with independent authors and, therefore, offers affordable plans for ghostwriting services without compromising on quality. We offer customized pricing packages that are tailored to the author’s needs and budget.

Collaborative Process

Ghostwriting is a collaborative process, with the author being involved in every step of the process. The author provides feedback and guidance throughout the writing process, ensuring that the final manuscript meets their expectations.
Our aim at Amazon Publishing Hub is to provide ghostwriting services to authors for a high-quality, well-versed manuscript that reflects the true voice and style while also ensuring timely delivery, affordability, and confidentiality.

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Amazon Publishing Hub supports authors with customized and comprehensive strategies for book marketing services. Our book marketing services help generate a buzz among readers for your book. Our book marketing plans include book video trailers, audiobook marketing, social media campaigns, book signings and other promotional activities. Connect with our book marketing experts to know more about our marketing plans.



1. What is ghostwriting?

Ghostwriting is the process of writing a book, article, or other piece of content on behalf of someone else who is credited as the author. The ghostwriter is typically hired by the credited author or publisher to write the content.

2. Is ghostwriting service legit?

Yes! Ghostwriting services are legit and ethical across the globe.

3. What genre books can be ghostwritten?

Our specialized ghostwriting experts can be hired to write a book of any genre. Some of the main genres in focus include Fiction, Nonfiction, Business, Biography/Memoir, Self Help, Children’s Books etc.

4. Why should I hire a ghostwriter?

A professional ghostwriter can add great value to your manuscript. There are many reasons why you should be hiring a ghostwriter, including a lack of writing expertise, a lack of time to write, or a desire to have someone else’s writing style and voice.


5. How does the ghostwriting process work?

We understand no two books or clients are alike. Therefore, the ghostwriting process can often be different. Typically, the process involves a series of interviews and questionnaires to understand the concept and objectives of the author

6. Who owns the copyright to the content?

The copyright to the content typically belongs to the credited author unless a different arrangement is made between the author and the ghostwriter.

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Audio Book Publishing

Enjoy working with a team of professionals for audiobook narration, audible audiobook creation, and audiobook publishing on Amazon, Audible, etc. Our audiobook consultants help you learn the process from audiobook narration and selection of voiceover to publishing & distribution. Distribute your audiobook globally using our audiobook publishing plans.



Our specialized consultants would love to advise an optimal book publishing & book marketing campaign tailored for your book.

Book Publishing or Book Marketing?

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Frequently Asked Question

Our publishing services are not limited to specific book genres. Our team can help you publish a book whether it is a fiction or a non-fiction book. We have published many children's books, poetry books, self-help books, biography/memoir, business books and many trending young adult novels etc.

Certainly, we can help you with designing your book cover and our book cover design service are available to any author who require it. Book cover design is an important part of book and we can help you to create a trendy and captivating book cover design for you. So irrespective of the publisher, AMZ publication Hub can help you with cover page designing which will help your book to gather the interest of readers.

Book illustration is a very complex task and it requires detailed and meticulous working by our professional designers, therefore delivery of the Illustrations can take 6 to 12 weeks depending on the number of illustrations and complexity required. We invite the client to work closely with the designers to make sure to incorporate their ideas and vision while providing the highest quality.

At AMZ publication Hub, we have a professional team of more than 100 translators, which can translate the book into multiple languages making sure to use the correct and appropriate translation. The most common languages that we offer are English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese. We are professionally equipped to handle even the less commonly used languages too.

Indeed, you can have revisions unlimited revisions to your book marketing and promotional material provided by AMZ publication Hub.

Audio book cost is dependent on various factors, which includes page count, characters, and the complication of the narration required. Our professional consultants can give you customized estimates based on the project requirements and your script’s complexity.

We welcome you to have a look at the portfolio to judge the ability and credibility of our marketing team. We always ask her clients to judge us not on our winners but on our losers because we have so few.

At AMZ publication Hub, we take privacy and confidentiality very sincerely. We have secure servers and added layer of security including and data secrecy measure and ISO 27001 certification for data protection.

Surely, AMZ publication Hub can assist you to develop an exclusive and professional website, which will echo and highlight your work. You will be provided samples of designs and choices to choose from. The website will be user friendly as well as SEO friendly so it can be optimized for high visibility. The website development team will make sure to keep the website updated and secure from data leaks and intrusions.

Certainly, AMZ publication Hub offer discounts and concessions on bundle and deals. You can get connected with one of our professional and experienced consultants to get a customized quote according to your needs and requirements. Rest assured the quality of work we strive for would reflect in the outcome.


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